ASICS – LETHAL DS 3 It – FG Woman Cleat

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the Asics Lethal DS IT 3 cuts the weight by 35 grammes from it’s predecessor – This drop in weight has come from the introduction of one of Asics Running shoe technologies; the SoLyte polymer.  The SoLyte polymer also has the advantage of having more of a spring than the usual TPU you’d see in many outsoles. Asics claim that this added ‘spring’ in the step makes the Asics Lethal DS IT 3 one of the most comfortable on the market, based on the added support and compression of this section of the boot.

Another factor in the Asics Lethal DS IT 3‘s exceptional comfort is that the the heel is raised by around 10mm.  Asics say that this raised heel is the single best bio-mechanical position for the foot when playing sport, as it reduces the strain on the Achilles tendon, calves and lower back muscles – which always sounds like a good thing to us!  Orthpods offer these as a great boot to help fit Orthotics as they are a deeper boot and will accept an Ortho Insole easily and will keep your foot in the boot!

feature a super-soft Synthetic Leather upper, PolyUrethane Heel counter, and central lacing system for a tight fit across the forefoot – definitely all aspects of a classic boot.

Been a popular boot with some Gals buying sizes up as their feet have grown.  Even sold to Australia, to a gal that wanted these desperately.   I bought all that remained from Asics Canada but only have from size 9 up left.  All the smaller sizes left the building!



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9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11


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