Macron SHIELD shin guards

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Italian designed shin guards.  Asymmetrical shinguard, ultralight, with quick-strap closure.  With two articulation seams allows the majority of shin types to be protected and Lined inside the guard for comfortable fit with 2 straps to secure.  With the articulation, guard will wrap around a shin for a better protective fit with the straps being very solid with well secured sticky Velcro ends.

Maybe not the prettiest looking guard but certainly does the job its designed to do.  We consider it a more defensive back shin guard versus the smaller striker guards available providing  solid impact absorption for aggressive backs.   Feedback has been good on these Shields as to comfort and impact protection.

Only sold in a Large, about 8.5 inches in length and fits adults.   This is last of our Shield inventory and Note that we have sold these to Baseball players as well looking for protection.

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