Goalkeeper Glove – “WHITE SHADOW” NEGATIVE LITE QUARTZ – Precision

$105.75 $83.50

The Premier Collection Negative Lite Quartz while new, is roving to be a very popular glove from the Precision range. The gloves lifted the Premier League Trophy for Leicester during the 2015/16 season . The glove is specially designed to provide total comfort, whilst increasing your grip and feel for the ball.  Quartz Palm designed to provide additional longevity of the palm.  The stitching is inside the glove, leading to a much tighter and snug fit. The glove features a quartz latex, latex backhand and wind-stopper fabric to deal with testing conditions. Elasticated wristband and pull loop.   Color: White/Red

PRG701 JUNIOR FULL sizes ONLY – 5-7

PRG702 ADULT FULL and HALF sizes – 8-11




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5, 6, 7


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