Puma King Top Di Fg Mens Cleat

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The Puma King needs little to no introduction – it’s arguably the greatest football boot of all time with everyone from Pele, Eusebio, Maradona & Cryuff lacing up a pair.

The latest iteration of the Kings comes in the form of the “Top Di” model. They’re specifically designed to bring you all the tools of the classic boot, but with a soleplate that’s been adapted for the modern game. The upper portion of the Top Di Kings is made from the greatest material ever used on boots… genuine k-leather. Not only does the leather finish ensure that the boots are strong, durable and built to last, but the natural grip on the ball that leather gives makes sure your close control and shooting abilities are unparalleled.

Spin is aided by the classic style of stitching key areas into the leather to make raised zones that cause more surface area to come into contact with the ball.
The Puma Kings also look utterly fantastic with a simple black and white colourway, topped off with gold trim on the iconic foldover tongue.
The foldover tongue is something that is sadly lacking in many modern boots and we’d love to see it make a comeback. That said, if you’re not into the foldover tongue look, it has been cleverly designed so that you can tuck it under the top laces and it will look like a regular style more commonly seen on modern boots. These Kings have been given a modern makeover with regards to what rests underneath your foot. Flexible, lightweight materials have been used to ensure the weight is kept nice and low so as to not slow down your natural pace.
The studs have been reshaped to suit modern pitches, with their lightweight material kept strong by TPU coating on the tips.

The Puma King boots are perfect for defensive-minded players & goalkeepers thanks to their durability, but they are lightweight enough that forwards and wingers could don a pair no problem too. Why not break the mould of modern hi-viz boots and really stand out with a sleek, classic design?

weight – 323 grams
official colour – black/white/gold

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