Soccer Set -M/SS / Kit MUNDIAL – Zeus


Soccer Jersey / Set – KIT MUNDIAL-  100% polyester micro fiber in full Sublimation, very cool designs and styling, replicating 21 World Cup Team color combinations and tailored in a Standard Fit cut in a short sleeve only –  rounded designer neck and shorts in a complementary color both bringing a very cool looking Kit to the pitch no matter which country you support!!     NOTE: Sizes are only 2,  for a hybrid sizing –   M – (AS/AM)  and  XL – (AL/AXL). 
Available till end of stock 2022
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Green/White / MEXICO, Red/White / HUNGARY, Royal/White / ITALY, White/Royal / GREECE, White/Black / GERMANY, Red/Yellow / SPAIN, Blue/White / FRANCE, Yellow/Royal / SWEDEN/UKRAINE, White/Red / CROATIA, White/Blue / ENGLAND, Red/Black / BELGIUM, White/Green / NIGERIA, Green/Red / CAMEROON, Yellow/Red / COLUMBIA, Yellow/Green / BRAZIL, White/Sky / ARGENTINA, Red/Green / PORTUGAL, Orange/Black / NETHERLAND, Sky/Black / URAGUAY, Green/FluoGreen / SLOVENIA, Red/Red / DENMARK/ SWITZERLAND


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